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Hello Everyone
First welcome for you in [A'w]
Our Goal in [TAW] to make Great Players who have Skills in the game and they have friendly and inspect others
If you want to be one of our members you should agree to the next requirements ....

Some requirements that you may need to possess:

- No cheating,
- Play as a team
- Listen to the others
- Must be active few times in a week
- Always go to the team forum for new announcement (Important)
- Not a deleter or camper
- At least play good at 1 map (better in cba/hero)
- You should be a good player (rating at least 1650+ important, and show us your skills)
- Always have skills to play
- Your Wins should be more than loses (if possible)

If you think you can make it,you are required to make a application in our Forum .

First Make a thread in our Forum then Send your application and wait for accept
The Application Should be like this :

1.What is your real name?

2.How old are you?

3.What country are you from?

4.What languages do you speak?

5.Do you have other accounts? If yes,list all with profile link.

6.What is your best map? (can more than one)

7.You are good at 1v1 or team game?

8.Will you see our forum as usual?

9.Will you follow our clan rules?


If you have any problems,you can call me or the founder

Ghost_V || [A'w]____Hitman____

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